About Nevada City Cohousing

Founding members of Nevada City Cohousing met with The Cohousing Company in August 2002, and began the process of building our community. We also partnered with Wonderland Hill Development. We used a streamlined cohousing development model and in December 2005, our first members began moving into our beautiful site. Our community is built on an historical site, the world’s first hydraulic mining site of the 1860’s. We’ve taken an 11-acre piece of land that was formally a "brown field" and transformed it into our thriving, beautiful,"eco-friendly" home.

Our membership is a diverse group in age and occupation. We are single, married, young families, kids-grown-up couples, middle aged, and retirees. The diversity of age is one of the treasures of living here. We have no common political or religious orientation, only a common desire to live in a neighborhood of our own design and to know our neighbors. We are not a static community, nor are we perfect - we are a work in progress. We find we do best when we consult our collective wisdom and listen to everyone in our decision-making process.